In the beginning

The seeds!

We have been selling books online since November 2005 and in our first year of business we delivered over 6,000 books to as many customers. Currently we have over 6000 books available for same day dispatch and will be expanding this as our storage facilities are increased. This site is a new direction for The Book Garden and we hope you will come back often to view our news, special offers and recommendations!

Posted 17 August 2007

The Web Site

The Sapling!

This website was first created in December 2006 using a standard sitebuilder template. The first incarnation was very basic and only had 3 pages, the home page, a page highlighting our ebay activity and an about us/contact/info page. In summer 2007 I started looking at building the site more to the needs of our current customers. This involved learning a lot about coding, html I already had some basic knowledge of but I have been learning about CSS and PHP coding to make this site do what I want and make it easy to build as well as navigate. I hope as you browse through the site you will find it accessible and useful.

The plan is to have a site primarily about books and their authors, and gardening, though as we often deal with health & beauty products we will be including a section on this. Planned for inclusion is a regular Book of the Month, with an arcive of previous choices and also a featured Author of the Month, again with an arcive of past authors. Also included will be links to special offers and reviews of other items available on Amazon, that I hope will be popular. As well as including the usual page of useful and interesting links there will also be a page on how to easily earn money online.

Posted 4th September 2007


Link To Our Stock!

We have now created a link from here to allow you to directly access our stock and Amazon and allow you to browse our current stock. Simply click randomly from page to page or enter a search term and find how many books we have by that author in stock. Though do also be aware that amazon search engine can provide quite unpredictable and incorrect results, for the best results just enter the authors surname.

Posted 22nd February 2008